County Commisssion

There are three members on the County Commission. One must reside in each of the three magisterial districts (Eastern, Central, and Western); however, they are elected by all voters county-wide. Commissioners hold their office for the term of six years; and one Commissioner is elected every two years. They choose one of their members each year to serve as president, who presides over the meetings.

Duties & Responsibilities

    • Prepares and adopts budget for all county offices in the courthouse.
    • Jurisdiction in all matters of probate, such as wills.
    • Sits as Board of Canvassers:
      • Canvasses county election returns
      • Publicly declares results of election
    • In contested elections, judges the election and returns of their own members and all county offices
    • Approves the appointment of three election commissioners and two poll clerks in each precinct in county to conduct primary
      and general election
    • Lays and disburses county levies based on assessed property values
    • Sits as Review and Equalization Board in February to hear appeals on property values for assessment purposes
    • Appoints members of certain county boards, authorities, and public service districts
    • Adopts ordinances and orders for protection and safety of people in the county
    • Approves purchase orders and payment vouchers for all elected county offices.
    • The County Commissioners must be bonded with an amount not less than $20,000 nor more than $200,000.