Important Notes

Homestead Exemption Notice:

Any Monroe resident of six (6) months or more, West Virginia resident of two (2) consecutive years or more, who is 65 years of age or older, which includes a person who attains the age of 65 on or before the 30th day of June following the July first assessment day, or totally disabled may apply for Homestead exemption, under West Virginia Code 11-6b-4, in the Monroe County Assessor's Office, between July 1, 2012 and December 1, 2012. This act allows the taxpayer a $20,000.00 exemption on residential property. For more details contact the Monroe County Assessor's Office.

Assessor's Office Conducting a Re-Appraisal:

The Monroe County Assessor's office will be continuing the Re-Appraisal process mandated by Section 8 (B) Article 10 Chapter 11 of the West Virginia Code. A real estate deputy assessor will be visiting Springfield, Second Creek, Wolf Creek Districts and the Town of Union. If there are any questions concerning the Re-Appraisal please feel free to contact the Monroe County Assessor's Office at the Court House in Union. Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM or by telephone (304) 772-3083.



Any person, corporation, association or other owner of real property, subject to payment of property tax, who shall erect any building or structure, or who add to, enlarge, move, alter, convert, extend, raze or demolish any building or structure, whereby the value of the real property shall be improved more than $1,000.00 must notify the assessor within sixty days from date the work is commenced. Chapter 11, Article 3, Section 3A of the West Virginia Code.


Business Returns

The Law provides that every incorporated or unincorporated Company, foreign or Domestic liable to taxation shall make a report of his property, in writing, to the Assessor whether called upon by the assessor or not. West Virginia Code, Chapter 11, Article 3, Section 12, and Chapter 11, Article 3, Section 15 as amended.


Personal Property Returns

The Law provides that every Person Liable to Taxation shall, make a report in writing to the Assessor of their property, whether called upon by the Assessor or not. The report should be reviewed and filed with the applicable changes as soon as possible after July 1, but no later than the first day of October.


NOTE: If you do not turn in your personal property forms by October 1, 2012 your tax ticket will be wrong for 2013. If a new ticket, (supplement) is made that does not change your vehicles on the 2013 tax year. The personal property form has to be sent back.


West Virginia State Farm Census

Failure to return your Farm Statistic by September 1, 2011 will result in an increase in your taxes for 2011. Farm Census and Farm Use Valuation application must be applied for Annually by the owner or tenant. West Virginia Code (11-1A-10 & 11-110-1A).