Magistrate Court


Monroe County Magistrates issue arrest and search warrants, hear misdemeanor cases, conduct preliminary examinations in felony cases, and hear civil cases with $5,000.00 or less in dispute. They also handle all Motor Vehicle tickets as well as issuing protective orders in cases involving domestic violence.

The Monroe County Magistrate Court is located at 55 Green Hill Road, Union Volunteer Fire Department Building, 2nd Floor.







Office Staff

Kevin L. Miller, Magistrate
Frank Basile, Magistrate

Lara Thompson, Assistant to Magistrate Basile
Amber Clarkson, Assistant to Magistrate Miller

Jeanne Gullette, Clerk

Contact Information

(304) 772-3176 - Magistrates

(304) 772-3321 - Clerk

(304) 772-4357 - Fax


PO Box 4
Union, WV 24983